aboutThis PCSI involves a series of strategic and measurable objectives in order to support the research activities carried out in the field of vegetal and microbial diversity related to food quality and safety. The PCSI has set itself the following key objectives listed as follows:  

- Establishing expert working groups to coordinate research and training activities to contribute by identifying research agendas for future community research in the field of vegetal and microbial diversity related to food quality and safety.

- The PCSI aims at formulating suggestions for relevant research topics. The expert working groups will make suggestions for coming up research topics in the field. Furthermore, the consortium has the objective to co-operate and contribute to the following technology Platforms, especially those which have vegetal and microbial diversity, food quality and safety as part of their Strategic Research Agenda: Food for Life; Plants for the Future; Bioactive Compounds and Sanitation.

  • To organise one symposium or seminar
  • To integrate experts from New Members other than French speaking partners
  • To disseminate research results through an online platform and to establish new project proposals
  • To initiate and set-up a researchers exchange programme

The PCSI working groups have been defined during the kick-off meeting and have the following goals:

  • Review within the respective scientific field in order to identify the main gaps in research.
  • Set up of research needs and formulation of new projects. 
  • Set up of recommendations.
  • The results of the working groups will be presented during the seminar

The following experts working groups have been defined:

- Characterizing essential oils for antimicrobial and antioxidant activity to improve food safety

- Exploring endophytic actinomycetes diversity associated with some food crops to promote plant growth and antibiotic activity for food quality and safety

- Exploring the flora of lactic acid bacteria from South East Asia to improve food quality and safety

- Advanced food technology and preservation