WP 1: Integration of New Partners (January – June  2013):

- French Speaking Universities (AUF members): HUST, VAST, CTU, HCMUT, HUA, (Vietnam), CIRAD (France)

- New Partners: YU (China), FIRI (Vietnam) and others…

WP 2: Organization of the International Workshop “Exploring Biodiversity for Sustainable Development in South East Asia (EBSEA 2013)” in Hanoi, Vietnam (September 16-17, 2013) 

- Presentation on research activities related to the field of vegetal and microbial diversity and biotechnological innovation to ensure food quality and safety

- Discussion and preparation of reviews manuscripts submitted to national, regional and or international journals

-  Initiation of research ideas

WP3: Researchers Exchange and Training Program (October 2013 – March 2014) 

Research and training activities between researchers and/or PhD students within the PCSI project: Vietnam, China and France

WP4: Review of results and future research ideas and proposals (January 2014 – June 2014) 

- Submission of reviews to the appropriate journals 

- Preparation of two or three research proposals

- PCSI project final report