Ho Chi Minh City University of Food Industry (HUFI)

cntpHo Chi Minh city University of Food Industry (HUFI) is a leader in human resource training and scientific research for food technology and food safety in the south of Vietnam. HUFI established in 1982, HUFI is a large scale multi-disciplinary University with nearly 20,000 students and 700 academic staff members, 75 of which are working in the field of food technology at the faculty of food technology.

The Faculty of Food Technology, one of twelve faculties within HUFI, offers BSc and MSc programs on food technology, food safety and quality with 2000 students. The faculty staffs have strong background in Food Science and Technology. The major research topics are (i) food safety control and quality improvement, (ii) development of processing technology for foods, (iii) development of biological techniques to control the spoilage for food. The field of spoilage control has been successfully studied by HUFI scientists and has been supported by many international foundations.., and ministry of Industry and Trade, Vietnam.

Dr.  Dao Thien is lecturer responsible of several courses such as microbiology, food toxicology, and postharvest technology and principal investigator for several research projects: (i) Bio-preservation of food products by essential oil funded by French Development Agency (AFD), (ii) Modeling of molds growth to control their contamination on some fruits funded by National Foundation for Science & Technology Development (NAFOSTED), (iii) Monitoring the quality of fruits and vegetables at pre and post-harvest to increase the commercial value funded by Vietnamese Government (iv) Inactivation of micro-organisms by ethanol, application for preservation of fruits funded by International Foundation for Science (IFS), Sweden. He has strong background in bioscience engineering in general and food safety and postharvest technology in particular, his theoretical knowledge and practical experience on food hazards, food mycology, and food spoilage.


Dr. Dao Thien

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