Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST)

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The Institute of Biotechnology (IBT) of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) is the national leading research institution in the field of bioscience and biotechnology. Currently, IBT has 328 staff including two full professors, 20 associate professors, 65 researchers with PhD degrees, 70 masters, 171 bachelors/ engineers and technicians.

Our main activities are research and development in gene technology, animal cell biotechnology, plant cell biotechnology, biotechnology of microorganisms, protein and enzyme technology, environmental biotechnology, marine biotechnology, biomaterials technology, bionanotechnology, medical biotechnology, bioinformatics and other related fields.  

IBT carries out transfer and application of new scientific and technological achievements. We participate in the enterprise and production organization, consulting, and providing services in biotechnology and other related fields. We work for contribution to the establishment and development of bioindustry in Vietnam.

IBT is an education institution of high quality human resources. We organize research degree studies at both the postgraduate and undergraduate levels. We provide information, consulting and services for training and qualification upgrading in bioscience and biotechnology.

IBT implements international collaborations in biology, biotechnology and other related fields. We participate in international exchange programs sending our staffs and young scientists for short- and long term qualifications (practical research stays, master and PhD degree studies and postdocs). IBT contributes to science and technology collaborative programs/ projects with other countries. We also organize and participate in international conferences and workshops.


Dr Phi Quyet-Tien

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