Hanoi University of Agriculture (HUA)

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Hanoi University of Agriculture (HUA), is a key national university, a leader in human resource training and scientific research for agriculture and rural development, becoming more and more diversified in fields of study with ever increasing prestige among the higher education system of Vietnam.

Hanoi University of Agriculture which is under the Ministry of Education and Training, is located in Trau Quy township, Gia Lam district, Hanoi, capital of Vietnam. Situated on a campus of nearly 200 ha, the university has a system of modern lecture halls, experimental and practical facilities, spacious dormitories, a modern library system, a large gymnastic and sports complex, and many other crucial teaching, learning and research facilities.

HUA is a large scale multi-disciplinary University with nearly 1,300 staff members and 25,000 students. It has 13 Faculties, comprised of Agronomy, Animal Science and Aquaculture, Veterinary Medicine, Land Resources Management and Environment, Engineering, Economics and Rural Development, Accounting and Business Management, Political and Social Sciences, Food Science and Technology, Information Technology, Biotechnology, Education and Foreign Languages, and National Defense Education.

The Faculty of Food Science and Technology (FST) was established on 7 March 2001. Presently, FST consists of 04 departments: Biochemistry and Food Biotechnology; Food Processing Technology; Food Science and Nutrition and Post-harvest Technology.

Every year, HUA enrolls roughly 9,000 freshmen students pursuing differing types of training, 1,250 Master students and nearly 100 Doctoral students. Among them, FST receive up to 500 students annually.

Educational programs

         - Postharvest Technology
         - Food  Science and Technology

         - Postharvest Technology

R & D Interests


Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy

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Websites: http://www.hua.edu.vn; http://www.hua.edu.vn/khoa/CNTP/

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